2018 Chevy Colorado Specs, Prices and Release Date

The 2018 Chevy Colorado, is outfitted using a reliable engine, as will be the situation with all its modern designs. But, what helps make it the immensely suitable car in the year could be the fact that it companies a distinctly strong drive, that can be sourced from an average-sized pick-up truck, with all the added bonus that it truly is available at comfy rates affordable towards the regular middle-class relatives. And in cases the place its dimension could be viewed as being a shortcoming, it compensates for, with its slick, modern design, therefore outclassing lots  of it similar counterparts from other manufacturers. It can be a formidable contender during the pick-up truck niche, using a full-size towing and hauling capacity, totally boxed frame as well as a horsepower that well surpasses common expectations. It’s the great blend expected in family-vehicle by becoming both an everyday vehicle and a well-endowed, futuristic conveyance.


The exterior from the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado is more than likely gonna be incredibly muscular and aggressive-looking. Needless to say, signature badges are to become anticipated on strategic destinations throughout the entire body, but almost certainly the fenders.

That as well as the several trim packages would be the signature function of this truck. The rest is extra or less the exact same; the grill has been somewhat revised and now looks beefier, there are the exact same old side methods in the rear along with the stake pocket hand grip could be the norm -this is a sensible motor vehicle, immediately after all.

The overall Colorado styling is beginning to demonstrate signs of aging, but even now holds out accurate and correct.

The within from the 2018 Chevrolet Colorado is rumored to be just as practical and versatile as the exterior, if not far more so. If you need luxury with your truck, this may not be the top solution, with rubbery-looking plastics and reasonably compact seats – this does not imply they aren’t ergonomic or that cabin space is very low.


The dashboard plus the instruments look just about precisely the same, with ample area from the cabin for all five occupants – or four for those who have opted for the Extended Cab more than the Crew Cab when presented with all the preference of cabin options.

The MyLink infotainment system is going to create a comeback, albeit in an up to date version and on the 8-inch touch display, full with Apple CarPlay and Android Automobile.


There’s a 2nd screen too, nonetheless, it is smaller sized and reserved for preserving the driver informed of the problem on the truck and alert him of any difficulties that might have arisen.

2018 Chevy Colorado Specs

Though the Colorado’s 2.8-liter inline-four-cylinder turbo-diesel is brand-new to your U.S. marketplace, this engine has really viewed obligation in numerous global markets for any quantity of many years. So regardless of its freshness Stateside, the brand-new engine can be a well-honed, mature item.


Adjustments have been produced to match the U.S. industry, nonetheless, because we anticipate a specific degree of refinement as well as have far more stringent emissions demands when compared to other areas. As a consequence of this, the engine received a host of sound- and vibration abatement actions, a urea-based exhaust after-treatment method as well as an altered engine calibration. The final result is usually a four-cylinder engine that generates 181 horsepower at three,400 rpm. No information there. The twist is the torque. There’s 369 pound-feet of it and it peaks at two,000 rpm. Contrast that for the three.6-liter fuel V6, which provides much more horsepower (305) on the other hand just 269 lb-ft of torque at four,000 rpm.


A smaller sized compressor wheel during the diesel’s variable-nozzle turbo boosts response as well as enhances functionality at altitude. Resonances are smoothed out by balance shafts within the beefy iron block as well as a pendulum absorber in the six-speed automated torque converter when Denso solenoid injectors are set to exorcise diesel smashing. This can be a purpose-built truck engine, and also the engineering team accordingly subjected it to the extremely very same battery of testing imposed upon all GM truck engines. The engine’s toughness is partially why diesel-equipped Colorado assess in involving 260 and 300 lbs higher than otherwise equivalent V6-equipped patterns.

For hauling, the Duramax is tops amid Colorados. Chevrolet fixes the diesel’s tow rating at 7,700 more pounds (seven,600 for 4WD versions). That is 700 pounds a great deal more (600 more lbs for 4WD styles) compared to the V6 Colorado outfitted with the optional Trailering package deal. Haul capability drops some loads further pounds about V6 Colorados to in involving 1,457 and 1,508 pounds for the diesel.

2018 Chevy Colorado Prices and Release Date

The turbodiesel is only observed on Crew Cab versions both in LT or Z71 trim. Chevy states it will eventually probably be priced $3,730 greater than a comparably outfitted Colorado LT using a V-6. Chevy hasn’t launched an official pricing break down, but from the previously prices launched for Employees Cab Colorado LTs for 2018, the foundation value of $29,080, plus the diesel cost, moreover $895 from the getaway spot, indicates the 2018 Colorado LT Duramax will demand with the incredibly least $33,705.


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